Easy Backup

A Simple and Fast File Backup System
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All 3d Artists needs to make backups from project files

Easy Backup is here to make it fast and simple!

Easy Backup is an addon for Blender 3D that will make the backup process much simpler. Setting up fell parameters in each file, you will be able to generate backup files every time you want, in a different directory, in seconds, and in one click.

In one click, you will do all of this at once:

*Without even changing or leave the original file

  • Save the original file in a different directory
  • Save The backup file with a specific name
  • Automatically Pack all textures in the Backup File
  • Automatically Add Data, Time, and a Custom Suffix to the file name
  • Automatically Duplicate File if exists a backup file with the same name
  • Know the last time you did a backup from this project file
  • Your backup file will be in a cloud folder if you want (Like One Drive)

*You can also use the shortcut to speed up the backup process!

Each Blend File will have a specifc backup setting

Easy Backup have some settings that will be defined only one time for each blender file. Informations like: file name, directory path and others settings.

This properties will be saved within the blend file, meaning that each blend file will have your own Easy Bakcup Configuration.

After define Easy Backup Properties in this file, every time you want to update your backup file

all you have to do is to click one button, and Easy Backup will make the rest for you.

Two Sides From the Same UI

With Easy Backup,  you will see in the UI only what you need!

Would you like a simple and fast backup of your file?

Or would you like a backup with more advanced properties?

You can make a backup file in both ways!

Change Between Backup Methods AnyTime

Default Path: 

In the Default Path Method, you will be using the default path for your backup. in the addon preferences, you will be able to set the default folder for all your projects.

Meaning that you will be able to have all your backup files in one place, adding custom directories inside the default folder, or not!

Custom Path:

In the Custom Path Method, you will be able to save all backups of this project in a different directory than the default folder directory

Organized Backup Folder

In the addon preferences, you will be able to set a default path for all your backup files. And you will be able to create custom directories for each blender file.

*in this case, the default folder defined in the addon properties is EasyBackups

In the end of the day you will have an organized backup folder without even open the Blender Browser to save a backup from your file.

Why I would need this?

I can save my own files!!!!!

Right! you can save your own files without an addon in a conventional way, you just have to:

(You don’t need to read this part, just buy the addon)

> Open the blender browser > Select the directory you want to save the backup file > find the right place > sometimes create a new folder > save this file > go to ‘pack all into blend file’> wait a bit to all textures be saved > save the file again to make sure is packed> close the file > open your original file, and continue your work

want to update the backup file?

> open the blender browser > Find the correct file to update > overwrite the existent backup file > go to ‘pack all into blend file’ (again) > save the file again to make sure is packed (again) > close the file (again) > open your original file, and continue your work (again) > and do all of this every time you need to update the backup file

You don’t need an addon that will make all this for you every time you want in seconds and in one button???

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