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What is VizPresets?

VizPresets is an addon for blender that will make your modeling and rendering process faster than ever. With this addon you will be able to store visibility settings of collections and objects in your scene, allowing you to switch between them in seconds!!

Collection Presets

With this feature you can easily change between visibility presets for different renders or different visualizations in viewport like never!

Objects presets

Store visibility settings of objects in your viewport!

with this feature, you will be able to speed up your modeling workflow with complex models or big scenes, separating these objects into different presets, and switching between them in seconds. (without relations with collections!!!)

Easily manage your presets

Create, rename, favorite, delete, update….everything in one place!

Not Only Visibility presets

Each preset stores more than just its visibility settings:

Select objects in presets

Show/Hide Objects in presets

Update them with more objects

Favorite them for fast access

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