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Making using scripts in Blender easier
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What is “Quick Scripts”?

Quick Scripts is an add-on for Blender 3D, that will speed up your workflow with quick access to your script library ready to be used in one click.

Who is it for?

This Add-on was created for anyone who is familiar or interested in starting using scripts in blender

Never used scripts in Blender, but would like to start learning? No Problem!

This is will be your first step into using scripts in Blender! You can get the add-on with our Quick Scripts Starter Pack, A Script library with very useful scripts, that you will be able to easily run with one click, and take a look at the code with Quick Scripts Add-on! And you will be able to see how powerful scripting in blender can be.

Why use scripts in blender?

“Python scripts are a versatile way to extend Blender functionality. Most areas of Blender can be scripted, including animation, rendering, import and export, object creation and automating repetitive tasks.”

docs.blender.org / Scripting & Extending Blender


Library Organization

The addon will get all organization of your script library directory and will display for you in a pie menu for quick access. The addon will automatically detect the correct icon for the folder based on the folder name

Easily add and organize your library in folders, and run and edit any script in one click!

Add to Favorites

Easily add any script to your favorites. all scripts added to your favorites list, will be the first ones you will see when accessing the Quick Scripts pie menu, you can add as many as you want.

Fast Edit

Something went wrong when running your script or would like to just take a look at the code? easily edit it, save it and run again.

Modal Scripts Ready

You will be able to easily run your modal scripts with one click!

Quick Scripts Starter Pack

Do not have a script library, but would like to start using/learning? With the add-on, you will be able to get our Quick Scripts Starter Pack, and will be able to easily try some scripts yourself! you can check all included scripts and a small description here.

Here are some scripts included in Quick Scripts Starter Pack running!

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