Save As Helper

Easily Save a Duplicate Blend File
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Save As Helper

Save As Helper is a simple add-on that will help you to save a duplicate file in one shortcut.

Why I Would need to save duplicate files?

If you have any problems like:

– Corrupted file

– Your file doesn’t open anymore

– No More “ctrl+Z” Actions

– Would like to continue to work on a older version of your file

– Any other problem that will be a big problem if you have only one file.

Duplicating files, you can easily “go back some versions” and continue to work.

But Blender Already does this

Yes! But unfortunately, Blender does not have a shortcut for this, natively, you have to:

Go to File > Save As > Add a number to the end of the file (or manually add a space between the number and the file name) > check if everything is right, and save your new file.

Here is with Save As Addon Enabled, by just pressing the custom shortcut:

And it will not add a New Addon tab, it’s just one simple feature 🙂

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